Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just a Sampling of the Leprecauns' Tricks

The leprecauns have been visiting our home for a few years now and the boys LOVE it! Each year they repeat some of their tricks from before and toss in a few different ones as well. They always turn over chairs and swap furniture around and add green shamrocks or streamers in random places. (whatever they can find around the house) This year the leprecauns are trying to be a little choosier in the foods they provide for their boys so NO SHAMROCK shaped KRISPY KREMES this year for breakfast.

The boys got a giggle out of this.

This is a returning favorite! I know . . . embarrassing!

This year a little surprise tee.

Hope yours was wonderful. It's one of our favorite silly days! If you have any leprecaun fun to share please do!

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