Thursday, September 18, 2008

we miss Richmond!

We miss...
~ Chelsea Brook Lane
~ Echo Lake Elem
~ Living Proof
~ North Run Pre-K
~ girlfriends (R)
~ wing nights w/ the guys (JM)
~ Ukrops
~ Tom Leonard's
~ my walking route
~ neighbors
~ relationships with teachers
~ Nestley
~ cousins
~ family
~ Sam, Sam, Hannah, James, Tyler
~ school involvement
~ after school chats & preparing
~ our garden
~ Appollos
~ Maggie, Jennifer, Jennie, Lisa, Tina
~ youth ministry
~ "my girl"
~ Glen Allen Day

however we do enjoy...
~ walking to school
~ the milk man
~ our mountain view
~ new friends
~ being closer to other family
~ being near my sweet gf
~ less shopping temptation
~ less traffic
~ the quick drive to lburg
~ new friends & neighbors
~ Craig's Cooking


Jill said...

no way!
At first I skipped over the "sweet friends" link because I figured it was someone you met in Roanoke.
no idea it was us!!
hahahaha who would have thought:-)

Jennifer said...

We miss you guys, too!! Thanks for the sweet "shout out" to Tyler and me! Love you guys!!