Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thank you Mr. Mail Man!

Thanks really goes to our special care package sending friends. Our Mail Man probably thinks is's someones birthday with 3 packages coming today. Nope Mr. Mail Man we just have sweet friends!

Pkg 1 ~ the boys were thrilled to find Bat Man pens in the "Fall Care Package" from Mrs. Madison. Jacob held up the lime green ghost towel and said "Mommy's going to love this!" They were very cautious not to get the yellow shredded paper on the floor but I told them I didn't care!

Pkg 2 ~ "Boogeyman's" family sent Ben a package today stuffed with puzzle pieces. I only wish Kathy could have seen Ben's face! "look Mommy...what are all these puzzle pieces for?!" I got so excited and explained that we put it together to find a message. He thought that was so special and so did I. Thanks Jonsies for the fun!

Pkg 3 ~ MY long awaited "Food to Live By" Cookbook!! I've waited for almost 2 weeks! Yipee for Spinach Canelloni! For a used book, it sure is in great condition. At least I haven't found anything other than a smudge on the front cover.

Now we are just waiting for our Kleen Kanteens to come in and we will get rid of all of our plastic drink containers and cups!

It's that time of year for FOOTBALL! And we have a great (sloping) yard for it.

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