Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lessons Learned

In our ministry we have had the priviledge of serving along side of some amazing people. Therefore we have learned from them as well. Most of what I have gained from them is their lifestyle. We encourage others that "worship is a way of life" and there are so many in our life that also have that mindset.Whether it be the joy that they exude in the every day circumstances or how they respond to tragedy.

Emily & Tom - this sweet, romantic, 80 something year old couple has been married for 65 years. they are ALIVE, on fire, and truely SHINING for our Lord~at all costs avoiding "wasting their life". it is my prayer that when JM & I have been married this long that we continue to love one another as tenderly as Tom & Emily do. I also pray that we will desire to serve our Lord as faithfully as they do. They have such a delightful energy, spark, & joy for serving the Lord & loving His people. What an amazing example to follow. Tom calls her "EM"! *grin*

Ken & Debbie, John & Cheryl, Kathi & Joe - may we be to someone else the LOVE that they have been to us ~ time, encouragement, support, guidance, yummy dinners, wisdom, experience. . . LOVE! Most of all we appreciate the wonderful times spent in prayer with each of you.

Gary & Tina - selflessness. . . again i pray we can love on others the way this couple has blessed us. Amazing gift of love & ministry to others. There is LOTS to be learned from wise Gary and sweet Tina.

Richard & Yvette - faithfulness & rejoiceing in the hard times, thanksgiving through it all and honoring God no matter what, giving praise to Him for the calm that followed their series of storms.

There's more . . . later though! :)

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