Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Lucky "7"

Congrats to Shelley, Jennifer, Liz, Steph, Hannah, and Macy for making this little darlin's Top 7! Only the last 2 are his age! Click on the triangle to hear.

*update ~ he is up to 8 . . . he added Alyssa Kate to the list. She is also his age. For those of you that know Hannah she still ranks number one. He told us today that she is his favorite!


mama b said...

2 things to say:

first of all, HAHA!! how hilarious and precious!! go ben go! what a ladies' man!

two...i opened up your blog and when i saw the video, i said "ooo clint let's watch ben!" and he said "THAT'S BEN?! HE'S HUGE!" he really is getting sooo big! good gracious!

hope yall have had a happy weekend!

Jill said...

that dude cracks me up!
He's hot stuff ;-)

Debra said...

Too funny!!
I love him counting with his fingers. Too cute.

PamperingBeki said...

He is such a DOLL!!

Liz said...

That's my man!