Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Truly Thankful

I am thankful for~

*so much!

*a much better week . . . especially with the boys. last week was a rough one all around for us.

*Jacob had a "special snack" day today. whew! (i told him if he had some better days at school we would make a special snack when he came home)

we went into a "fancy" candy store over the weekend and we were drooling over the chocolate covered pretzels w/ Reese Pieces on them. that was a wonderful treat to make today and that's what i call a special snack! we had a great time making them too.

*grandparents are coming down from 'home' . . . i mean richmond

*they are bringing Trader Joes treats!

*i LOVE fall

*i can't wait until we get out our fall decorations

*the schworms are coming too ~ fun weekend!

*pumpkin patches, apple orchards, & cool mornings, oh my!

* i have an amazing husband

*devotion time with the boys has been a wonderful end to our days. jacob really seems to soak it in and enjoy the time spent with us as well as with the Lord.

*t-h-u-r-s-d-a-y! that really is weekend for me

*chats with richmond friends

*i have new etsy stuff on the way from a sweet friend with adorable baby goodies
good night!

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Jenn said...

Love the new page! How do you do that? I've tried to change my background but it always wipes out everything I have on it.!
So happy to be able to keep up with you this way...We go to the pumpkin patch next week.