Thursday, October 9, 2008

thankful thursday

~ "c'mon jacob let's go but first let's have a big best friend hug"! overheard yesterday from j's friend that was over to play after school.

~ stephanie boss the teacher i assisted years ago at a preschool in texas

~ opportunities & possibilities

~ hues of fall making slight colorful spots on the mountains

~ upcoming scrapbooking weekend - i hope i'm productive as i still need to finish ben's baby book
~ tom is doing better

~ ben's been in the giggliest mood today from when he woke up and still after school

~ children's voices prasing the lord

~ erica made it all morning w/out crying for her mommy (she's a sweet girl in my class)

~ quick trips to lynchburg to visit and get some yummy jersey mikes subs

that's a wrap!


Jill said...

I'm flattered that we made the list.... but I know that you typed it before you got here....
are you still thankful?

Skamamama said...

actually once i came back home i added ya'll's links and YES, I'm still THANKFUL and love you bunches!

Jamie said...

That's so awesome that we made the list. I know it's because I'm so cute. Just kidding. But seriously, I love that we are back in touch and I hope that we can stay in contact and meet in Bedford for dinner. Miss you!!!