Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Ben!

Getting ready to go home from the hospital.

2 year old "red" party

4 year old Backyardigan Party

"Today is My Birthday Mommy. I'm 5 now!"

We celebrated a little this morning. As much as you can on a school day.

We celebrated last Friday with Granny & Poppy

and will celebrate some more this weekend in RICHMOND!
So the sweet 5 year old isn't feeling so well. Poor thing was fine at school, came home with the sniffles and took a 2 hour nap. Decided to try basketball tonight (afterall he did get a goal for his birthday) but then didn't want his birthday dinner. (he previously requested steak!! ~ we will have that tomorrow night either way ~ we can't let that go bad!)

So because a hot bath just made him feel better we sang to him (again) in the bathroom.
He will have his real birthday cake this weekend. We made this after we came home from school. On the way home, he said, "Mommy, can we bake me a cake today?" I couldn't say no! He picked out a Funfetti Cake Mix!

He really is 5!

1 ~ he now pronounces even more letters correctly. as wonderful as that is, i do miss the "little" younger talk that he had. ex. he used to say "i wuv you" . . . he now pronounces his "L's" the right way. he also says M&M no longer emee emee. i know, that sounds so silly but he said it so cute. well any way you hear it, he has a cute voice!

2 ~ he is such a FAST runner! i'm not kidding . . . he's a fast kid!

3 ~ as much as he & jacob tend to argue he truly looks up to his big brother! he wants so badly to be just like jacob and continues to immitate so much of what he does. he also (when in the right frame of mind) thinks about jacob's interests and tries to compromise their wants.

4 ~ he can ride his bike with no training wheels and sometimes no HANDS! aaah! the boys want to turn our back yard into a dirt bike track!

5 ~ this cute little innocent boy has a potty mouth! he LOVES bathroom & body words. UGG! unfortunately i think that is part of being a boy AND growing up. we are continuously working on it and reminding him of MANNERS!

and thankfully, as much as he is growing & changing, he still enjoys being our "baby"! he still longs to be held & carried. although all things in moderation! he still plays with my hair and loves to have his back and arms rubbed while relaxing. special times! he loves to cuddle with any or all of us at any given time.

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mama b said...

happy birthday to ben!! i can't believe how much he looks like BEN in that first picture when he was a baby. how precious. even if i'd seen that picture anywhere, without his name attached to it, i could have told you that was him.

i hope yall have a fun time celebrating! :)