Friday, October 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I don't do this every week and this week I'm a day late. But here it goes! I am grateful for:

~ my sweet husband . . . this week has been the start of cooler temperatures. while i absolutely LOVE walking jacob to school each day i do not enjoy the cold weather! (and it's really not as cold as it is going to get) but my sweet JM has taken on that duty this week and i am thankful. not only do i not have to go in the cold but it gives me a little more time to get things rolling so i can head on over to the preschool. he even started the van a couple of mornings.

~ sweet little rocket . . . he's a little boy in my class and yep . . . that is his name! i feel sure he more than lives up to his name around his home but he is so sweet at school. he brought me a rose yesterday morning. he's somewhat shy but so flirty so when he gave me the rose he closed his eyes really tight. later on in the morning i told him i was cold and he gave me a hug and rubbed my arms. i know his parents must be so good at showing he & his brother love. (and his mommy will be induced with their new baby brother eli on ben's bday)

~ having dinner and enjoying sweet girl time with my beautiful girlfriend jill. i only wish more people could know her and experience her radiant love for her Lord even amidst her trials. she has taught me through the past 2 months to seek after the little glimpses of God but realize they are really big. i never again want to take for granted the sun shining, our healthy boys, a full moon, a day off of school, each little hug & kiss, dinner with a friend, time with family, a new day etc. i love that we were able to chat about our boys, our loves, and just life!

~ i have the priviledge to pray for whoever is in leadership over our country. while i will be thrilled when the campaigning and the election are over i am excited to earnestly pray for our country and the people God puts in place to lead it.

~ i am HIS! our God reigns!

~ my parents wanted the boys to spend the night with them last night. i am glad they are able to do that and have that time together. i am also glad that i was able to sleep in until 8 this morning . . . that's quite a nice stretch from the normal 6:30 or so when Ben usually wakes up.

Have a glorious day!

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Poppy said...

Thank you for sharing our precious grandsons and that bean dip. Oh! I really like hamburgers better than steak anyway.