Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I haven’t done this in so terribly long! But here’s my list ~

~ I still admire Tom & Emily incredibly. They continue to be an amazing example of love & friendship not to mention their incredible relationship with our God.

~ I am absolutely crazy about the toothless grins from our cuddly, freckled face boy.

~ I crave the hugs around my neck from our soft skinned boy.

~ I’m enjoying this crazy, creative roller coaster God has us on.

~ I'm hearing things about the housing market turning around a little.

~ I'm excited for friends & their future job possibilities.

~ I love that we are finally able to enjoy the spring sounds, sights, smells, & breezes.

~ We had a fabulous week back to school after spring break. Our boys jumped back into our schedule and my class quickly got back into the swing of things.

~ We're looking forward to a fabulous weekend ahead. Stuff to do but laid back time together as well. JM has a wedding & I have a Friday Family Fun night w/ the boys at Jacob's school movie night.

~ Just learned today that Jacob gets out of school a whole week earlier than I thought! JUNE 5th baby! That's an extra week of summer!

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