Thursday, April 16, 2009

Terri's Tip Today!

Here's Terri's Tip for the week! We'll get back on schedule here soon!

Food is converted to energy in the mitochondria of each of our cells.
This process requires healthy fats. But bad fats, trans fatty acids,
gunk up this system, making it IMPOSSIBLE TO LOSE WEIGHT! So look at
the label of everything you buy. Trans fats are so bad that labels are
now mandated to list them; however, food manufacturers often get
around this labeling requirement by playing with the serving size so
that it doesn't have to be listed.

Don't fall for this. Look at each ingredient. If it says hydrogenated
anything on it, it has trans fatty acids, and you WILL NOT LOST
WEIGHT! You may also become fatigued, and develop other health
problems. So...ditch the trans fatty acids today. You can do it!

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