Tuesday, April 7, 2009

He is Risen!

I have a of pictures to share from our weekend and then from Jacob's school play tonight but first . . . a family activity from this afternoon. I've been looking for something to help my preschoolers grasp the Easter Story. It's such a hard concept to understand anyway . . . Jesus died then He's alive!! I wanted something tangible and even better when it's tasty! So here's what we did afterschool to sort of test it before trying with my preschoolers tomorrow.

and this is all you need...well some butter, cinnamon & sugar would make it even tastier!

Press each breadstick or cresent roll into a circle

Plop a marshmellow inside.

Toss in a bag with cinnamon & sugar. Place on a pan.

We "sealed" the oven to represent sealing the tomb. The boys did enjoy "playing" with tape.

and here you have it ~ "empty biscuits"

This one came out of the oven just like this and I think it looks like the stone has been rolled away.


mama b said...

oh that is TOO awesome!! just one more reason i really really wish we had an oven in the ed bldg. the little toaster oven CEC keeps in the office wouldn't cut it for this!! but thanks for sharing. how have i never heard of this???

Jenn said...

Great idea, Regina! I've also heard of these Easter cookies to demonstrate the same thing...you can find the directions at http://www.cherbearsden.com/cookies.html