Friday, April 24, 2009

Terri's Tip . . . reposted!

I just realized today (Friday) that Terri's Tip did not post Tuesday like I thought it had. so sorry. I am not sure what happened but here it is!

Tip: Guess what, hormone issues don't start in your 50's, they start in your 30's with progesterone levels taking a sharp nose dive at about 35. This can lead to abdominal weight gain and other health issues. Consider having your hormone levels assessed by your healthcare provider. It is usually reimbursed if you have some symptoms. Anyway, if you have low progesterone, you can get an over the counter bio-identical progesterone cream. Just look for one made out of Wild yams.

I'll try to get it all straight for next Tuesday!

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mama b said...

and for some of us (haha) hormone levels start to change way before 30! all it took was me having a baby, and mine are OUT OF WHACK. thanks for the tip. :)