Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bedtime Stories

The Real Reason why Bedtime is one of my favorite parts of the day~

I'm often pleasantly surprised with the conversations we are priviledged to have with our boys. Tonight's was no different except in the fact that it started out with JM & I simply overhearing the boys chat. What caused our ears to turn to their chat was Jacob's question to Ben. "So Ben, what do you picture sin like? I mean for me, sin is like little ninjas trying to break between me & God and defeat me". ~ silence ~ "Ben do you need some more examples? Some other things might be poison". Ben liked that suggestion and agreed that he "pictures" sin as poison too. It's about this time that JM & I enter the room to kiss them goodnight when Jacob asks us how we "picture" sin. The discussion continues and oblivious to our hearing everything, he tells us about their chat. This time he & JM discuss how sin could be disguised as something else. Jacob says "You mean like how a doughnut may look really really but it really is bad for you?" He later goes on to tell me how much he enjoys praying when he is all by himself in bed and how he says "o God please come into my heart, please come into my heart."

It's a beautiful thing to "hear their heart" . . . I guess sometimes it's easier for them to verbalize their feelings than others. Whoever thought that a discussion about "sin" could be so sweet?

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Jill said...

SOOOOO amazing!!!
You're kids are so spiritual!

Something that I continue to pray for in my kids....

enjoy them!