Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's a Roller Coaster Ride!

While I’ve thought of God with many descriptions . . .

Provider (remember the double rainbow)
Creative .... is the word that has been on the forefront recently.

God's creativity has been evident as He has had our family on an amazing roller coaster ride the past few years.

Ups and downs.
Twists and turns.
Arms raised (in worship).
Clinched on the handlebar (in anticipation of what is to come).

An amazing, exciting ride. And our creative God isn't done with the ride just yet!

We would have never thought when we moved to Roanoke just last summer that God would have us return to the Richmond area. This part of the roller coaster is an unexpected blessing ... a creative turn in the ride ordained by our Mighty God.

So, what does this mean? Well ... coming up in June we will be joining the family at Gayton Baptist in Richmond, VA as JM (check out his post with this "announcement") will be their youth pastor - and I can't wait to be a youth pastors wife once again!


mama b said...

love this post.

well we are already house hunting, so while yall are busy SELLING, maybe we can keep an eye out for the skamfam here in rva. :)

Skamamama said...

hey miss sarah...i just changed it a little as you commented ;) funny timing.