Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Terri's Tip

It's Spring Break so I asked Terri what she does to protect herself & family from the sun. Here's her advice.

Be careful with sunscreen products. Most of them contain ingredients
that are known to cause health problems, including cancer. I recommend
going to and searching for a brand that does
not contain ingredients known to mutate DNA, cause cancer, or cause
toxicity to nerve cells. I can only find these sunscreens in natural
health food stores.

Skin damage caused by the sun (cancer, aging, etc) is caused by
inflammation. Taking a natural anti-inflammatory, such as fish oil, by
mouth before going out into the sun will help prevent a nasty burn and
these unwanted effects of the sun. Try this while allowing enough sun
exposure to get a little bit red (this means you are making vitamin
D), then add a safer sunscreen as needed.

Enjoy the sun and the spring!

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1 comment:

elisa said...

wow thanks for the heads up about sunscreen.

I am a believer that the sun is not all bad (the whole vitamin d thing) I had not idea that sunscreen was bad.

I take fish oil every day and didn't know it protected from sun burn. And that book- I will have to check that out as well!