Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Jacob!

First we celebrated with family.
I was fortunate to get 1 picture of Jacob.
He wasn't in the mood.

Then we were off to a friend camping party
at the "G-Camp Ground".

Tina ~ the lovely campsite hostess.

Scott ~ camp site host.

After a healthy dinner including Hot Dogs
(but they were from Trader Joes)
we had a "Make Your Own Trail Mix".
Make it now but save it for later
. . . like a midnight snack.

These sweet love birds made an appearance.

Next, lets decorate some containers for bug collecting.

The Camp ~ Host's Sleepy Dogs

Let's have cake!

I was trying to get Jacob to notice his brand new bike
by leaning on it to take his picture.
He didn't even notice his bike but Ben sure did!

Mr. Gary ~ the Camp Director

One by one they changed into their jammers inside the tent.

The S-M-O-R-E-S were a HIT!



I just love the sleepy faces. Aren't they cute!
We finished up w/ waffles & fruit.
Then Mrs. Tina made yummy smoothies for everyone.
Now it's time for us to all catch up on SLEEP!


jennterry said...

Looks like SO much fun! Great ideas, Regina!!! Happy Birthday, Jacob!

Jill said...

TERRIFIC Pictures!!!! and I LOVED the "make your own trail mix".
you are straight out of a magazine :-)
looks like they had a blast!

mama b said...

what a ridiculously adorable party! he must have had a blast. those pics of the sams are so sweet. :) way to go mama!

how's the hunt???

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Great pics! Love ya! Kathy