Monday, September 7, 2009

After School Sweet Treat

When Jacob went started Kindergarten 2 years ago I had it all set up for when he came home. I put Ben down for his nap and had fresh, warm, chocolate chip cookies waiting on the table for him. I had heard that if you casually enjoy a snack, you tend to get more answers out of your kiddo. It seems more conversational. IT DIDN'T WORK!

Last year the ENTIRE WALK HOME he filled me in on the entire day ~ the schedule, friends he met, the playground, etc.

Since we're not walking to & from school this year, I'm going back to the first year's plan. Maybe just maybe it will work this year! Here's what I'll have ready for our boys and great conversation. (Thanks Lyn)

I have no idea what they are called but here's what you need.

1 1/2 lb white chocolate bark
1 cup chunky peanut butter
4 cups Rice Krispies (I used Kashi Healthy Heart)
3 cups M&Ms (I only had 2)
1 cup pretzels

Melt the white chocolate & mix with peanut butter. Pour over mixed dry ingredients. Spoon by the T onto wax paper and leave out to dry/harden. It looks & smells really yummy.

Maybe I'll even let them enjoy a Gatorade . . . . NEH!


Jenn said...

I wish you were my mommy and I had this sweet treat waiting for me when I got home! Hope the boys enjoyed their first day and you get to hear all about it. And I hope you did okay too...I was thinking about you this morning!

Jill said...

wow. you are the kind of mama that I used to wanna be! :-)
your boys are so lucky :-)