Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beautiful Day for Apples

When I woke up Saturday morning,
the first thought that came to my mind was
Carter Mountain!
John Mark made a trip with a buddy
to Roanoke to get the rest of our things.
So I called Granny & Poppy
afterall, the next day was

The boys loved it.
Poppy had to go back for more bags for all the apples.

We will definitely have to return.
This sweet boy's favorite is not yet ready for pickin.

Just me & my boys.
Granny & Poppy sat this ride out.
I can't wait to return!
but after we move & unpack a few boxes.


Jill said...

oops. I totally missed Grandparent's day!! :(

looks like you guys had a super duper time!!

can't wait to see you guys sometime this fall.

mama b said...

so fun!! we are thinking about going pickin' this weekend, but i think we might wait until it gets a little chillier. looks like yall had such a sweet time. :)

CHRISTY said...

I followed the link to your blog because I wanted to see if you made that adorable pumpkin on your profile picture. Then I say your Carter Mt. post. We are headed there in the AM. Our family is camping in Charlottesville this week because we just finished studying Jefferson and Madison. But, I am also doing an apple unit with my K and 2nd grader and I while preparing for the trip, I found Carter Mt. online. We are excited as NONE of my kiddos have ever been to an apple orchard, you don't find those near Raleigh! Fun to see you guys recommend it! Christy