Saturday, August 15, 2009

On My Mind

*home visits for my new class of 4 year old friends
*school choosing for our boys
*my girlfriend ~ it's been 1 year
*our roanoke house . . . hmmm
*house/family settling here
*an 8 year old camp out party
*a new jodi picoult book ~ suggestions?
*lovely impromptu date night ~ JM's favorite BWW, my favorite Sweet Frog
*a super long day w/ cranky, argumentative boys
*i LOVE them!
*setting up my new preschool class room
*lining up all the doctor, dentist, hair cut, etc appointments
*pregnant friends in roanoke
*YMCA ~ so excited to get back into shape
*girlie get away in NOVEMBER
*way TOO much dt. coke
*lot's of lists lately ~ back to school, birthday, house wants, class prep.
*desire to create
*really want a beach day or two before school starts
*is our little man really starting kindergarten?
*do we really have an almost 8 year old?
*i really should go to bed and think about these things tomorrow

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