Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back to School Shopping

While we still are not sure as to where the boys
will go to school in a few weeks,
I am doing my best at shopping for bargains
for the supplies that I think they will need
no matter which school we decide.
JM has gotten tickled with me for
going into Staples just to buy a couple of 1cent packages of pencils
and the next week returning to buy 1 cent paper packs.
But don't you think that if I watch our "pennies" here
then that means more pennies to spend here?!
Especially since I drive right past it.

So now that I have the basics:
pencils, crayons, paper, scissors, & composition notebooks
in our stash (Papaw & Memaw's garage),
I am browsing to find ecofriendly lunchboxes.
I have found one that I love
but unfortunately I'm having trouble convincing
our "mature" soon to be 2nd grader.
If any of you mama's (or daddy's) have
cool, eco-friendly lunch box suggestions,
we'd love to hear them!
*upon finishing this entry,
to find they too had written about the Kids Konserve
and they included a discount! ~ hmmm*
Maybe I can used those saved pennies
for some new lunch bags instead of craft supplies?!

We still sport our wonderful klean kanteens
and highly reccomend them.
If any of you remember our purchase
(we were worried that we were spending too much).
We would buy them again if we needed to,
but ours are in great shape.
On a totally seperate note,
doesn't this look fun.
Happy School Supply Shopping!

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