Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Terri's Tip # 4

Terri's Back!
In continuing with lunch box ideas, here are 3 healthy lunch options.
Remember to start with the healthy bread you found last week. If you struggled, check out Nature's Own organic, Arnold, and NaturallyPreferred. Some of their varieties are good.

1. PB and J ~ Make sure you choose a healthy variety of peanut butter.Preferably organic so it doesn't come from a large manufacturer polluted by salmonella, and other garbage. Be sure it is free of sugar and corn syrup. It should be stored in the refrigerator so the nuts don't get rancid, which is very bad for health. The jelly should be 100% fruit and preferably without added sugar. Remember to avoid highfructose corn syrup in everything! If you want to take this to an even healthier level, try almond butter instead of peanut butter. (If your child is allergic to peanuts, you will need to forego this until you heal their gut first)

2. Deli sandwich ~ Try to find nitrate free deli meat. (Nitrates cause childhood cancers) Boarshead makes a variety. Just use a little to keep the sandwich from being overly pricey. We eat way more meat than we need to in America. Add cheese that is rBST free. Cabot is a good choice, organic varieties, or imported cheeses. (We are the only country that allows this garbage in food). Add whatever veggiesyour child will accept. A couple pieces of baby lettuce may be a good start for kids who don't like veggies. Add a little mayo.

3. Egg salad ~ Use free range eggs and add a healthy mayo. (Spectrum has a good variety) Mash up and try to add a little lettuce and other veggies as you can get away with.

Next week Terri will offer some snack time suggestions as well as lunch box sides. I hope this helps you as it does me. I love having variety in the boys' lunch boxes so I love hearing what other parents put in the lunch boxes!

One thing I have done is the plain or lightly salted rice cakes (the kind w/ only whole grain & brown rice) with healthy peanut butter & craisins sprinkled on top. Jacob enjoys it but Ben prefers his craisins on the side. I LOVE this yummy treat! I would love to hear other healthy lunch ideas!

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mama b said...

love the nitrate free idea. nitrates are a no-no when you're pregnant, which makes me think "well they must not be healthy for anyone!" i also get terrible nitrate headaches, so i am all about nitrate-free!

trader joe's and whole foods also have lots of other nut butters...cashew and sunflower are both so so yummy. :)

i love these tips from terri! she is awesome for coaching you, and you're awesome for sharing the ideas. thank you!