Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Star of the Day & Toothless Grins

Ben was the Star of the Day in his preschool class yesterday.
Dadu made a "video" of pictures to show to Ben's class.
I made little blue star treats to go home with his friends.
and on the way to school Dadu & Ben stopped by Blue Collar Doughnuts
to get a special snack to share w/ Ben's class.

The video was such a hit that the children wanted to watch it again!
Many of the children were out sick yesterday...

This is Ben with some of his favs!

Jacob got to go too yesterday...
I think the boys enjoyed that!

A sleepy little star at 4:00 in the afternoon!

Speaking of Jacob...
Look at this cutie!
I LOVE his new smile!

I'll be back later today w/ Terri's Tip for Today!
She's back!

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