Wednesday, February 25, 2009

33 Favs Give Away

1. JM's love & leadership 2. Jacob's giggles & skin 3. Ben's kisses & cuddles 4. recipes 5. blogs
6. girlfriends 7. ribbon 8. Chik Fil A 9. Target 10. polka dots 11. buttons 12. magazines 13. green
14. scripture 15. the beach 16. little brown pen 17. Trader Joes Coffee 18. tradition 19. koozies
20. open windows 21. papers 22. beads 23. vegitable gardens 24. sunshine 25. chocolate chip cookies 26. flower pots 27. flip flops 28. Christy Nockels 29. letters/words 30. avocado 31. Richmond 32. glass jars 33. MAIL

and the last is why I want to give away something to 1 of you! It's my birthday and I want to do something I enjoy! This package will include some of my top favorite things...but not all of them! ;) I just told you some of my favorite it's your turn to tell. Leave a comment with either a few of your favorite things or your favorite things about birthdays and I'll send some of my favs to one of you! I'll choose a name Saturday so comment away!


Anonymous said...

Hi Regina! I love your list!! Here are a few of my favorite things: ribbon, polka dots, the smell of fall, crafting, chatting with my girlfriends, reading, naps, cutesy pens & pencils, chocolate, peanut butter, Target and making lists.
Jennifer Madison

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday sweet friend. This list is great...what a clever idea. I LOVE mail too, and I got some today (thanks to you), but I'd love to get here are some of my faves.
Mountain uses for old windows.Sweedish Fish.pedicures.beach.polka dots.a new handbag.scent of a freshly bathed child.comforting crying babies.watching my children sleep.cuddles.pj's.socks.the song "Aware" chocolate chip ice cream

The Saunderses said...

I hope you had a great b-day! A lot of your favorites are mine are some more: the beach, summer nights, freshly bathed Eliza, snuggling with Eliza, the dogs laying on my feet, a cup of hot coffee, a cup of hot tea, the downtown mall in Cville, music, candles, notecards, sleep.

Emily said...

Happy Birthday! What a great list of favs! What a super fun treat it would be to win some of them and how generous of you to give them away on YOUR birthday! A few personal favs are:
Lemon Squares
my hammock
Alice Joy
Summer Movies with my Dad
Sunday mornings with Sean
cottage cheese with craisins
Advanced Step Class with Karla
the new The Fray song
my sweet kindergarteners
Stir Crazy coffee shop on the North Side
a great book
grilling on summer nights with Sean
Trader Joe's has finally come to RVA!

ikkinlala said...

Happy (belated) birthday!

A few of my favs are: sunny days, fresh-baked bread, fiddle music, yarn and knitting, books and libraries, oak trees, spending time with my family, swimming, tea, playing silly board games with my friends, hiking, dark chocolate, kites, and crocuses.

mama b said...

hey there birthday girl! i hope your day was wonderful!

a few of my current favorite things:

-jelly beans
-lily mae's sweet babbling
-nests & eggs
-vintage fabric
-rolling pins
-target (always)
-cute & comfy new boots
-cupcakes (getting ready for a precious 1st birthday party!)
-children with autism
-"sacred parenting" - the book
-collecting caps for has been addicting! it's so fun! :)
-ckb on his guitar

p.s. LOVING christy nockels. her new stuff is amazing!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday!

pretty polished toes, power yoga at the YMCA, sea shells, denim, mocha butter bars from Whole Foods, striped paper clips, venti iced Americanos, boutique consignment stores, beach babies, grilled veggies, down comforters, new purses, stars, organized book shelves with baskets, Craftsman homes, square notepads with cool designs, mommy sleep in days, and THE BEACH

StansberryPhotography said...

I LOVE your list and hope you had a great birthday! Here are a few of MY favs!

baby feet, trader joe's alphabet cookies, new school supplies, coffee in the AM with about 15 minutes to myself, belly laughs from Miles,catching up with friends, mellow mushroom pizza, and yankee candles