Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hey Dad

This is for you!

I've just recently been introduced to these!

And boy are they YUMMY!

They've definitely curbed my cravings for graham crackers & peanut butter!
btw...I only have 10 a day!


Poppy said...

Almonds are nutritious.
Hershey almonds are better.

Emily said...

Not chocolate, or nuts, but my favorite healthy snack is: a small bowl of low fat cottage cheese with craisins in it.

Also, when we went on the cruise, they served all the super fattening sides and deserts in small ramekins. When we got back the first thing I did was go to Target and buy a bunch- I found some great ones for only $1 each! I've started doing the same thing for when we have chips or treats. Portion control at it's fanciest!