Thursday, February 26, 2009

more favs

As the day progressed today I kept thinking of more things to add to my favs list but then it would be more than 33. So if I turned 35 yesterday, also on my list would be JAMMERS...DUH ~ how did I forget that one and almond butter rice cakes w/ craisins. YUMMY! So...which 2 would I switch out so I stay w/ 33?! I would scratch off Trader Joes coffee b/c I am not drinking coffee! (I have quit both coffee & DT COKE for a while now ~ well except I did have some Dt. Coke was a bday present) and I would also take Jammers over the beach. All that said I still LOVE Trader Joes and can't wait to stock up on the other yummy treats from there in April and I look forward to getting to the beach sometime this summer. So...scratch the beach & TJ coffee for now anyway. ;) I think I'll go have a rice cake w/ almond butter and craisins in my jammers and feel the warm sunshine & breezes blow through our windows.


Emily said...

You're hilarious. I'm loving it. -e

The Saunderses said...

Have you seen these? Giant cupcake pan (makes one big cake) I saw it in a magazine and thought of you!