Monday, July 11, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things

you may or may not know
that 13 years ago today 
i married the most amazing man in my world
sadly, things are different now
so i celebrate today differently 

last year a few girlfriends came over 
sort of unplanned
b/c they didn't want me to go the first year alone

this year i've been seeing
favorite things parties
all over blog land

so i merged one of my favorite days
with lots of my favorite friends
with tons of our favorite things
munchies, drinks, give aways, etc.

enter *brown paper packages*
i think it's a new tradition

a  couple of weeks ago 
i sent out simple invites
with directions

i made a few of my favorite desserts
lemon bars, chocolate chip cheesecake bars, & strawberry puffs

other gals brought the yummy selection of appetizers
crab dip & crackers, mexi dip & chips
hummus & pita chips,
pizza roll & sauce, fruit salsa & cinnamon chips

as the girls arrived
i told them to write their name on 5 pieces of paper
and place in a bucket
that is how it was determined who got each fun item

then as ladies shared their fav
she pulled 5 names from the bucket
those five gals took home that item
and so on

best of all the party was on a huge budget
i'm very proud of the little money that i spent
i used things i would find around the house/garage
greens & yellows
brown paper
you get the idea

i used jars from the garage
(my father in law will be thrilled ~
i think he is concerned that i may be a hoarder)
i created chalk panels on a few 
and put tea in those
etched "water" on another
those were the drinks i provided
a few others made their way over as well


i used scrapbook paper & grocery bags 
to create the scallops for the garland
also to make sign sign in cards for each guest

last minute i cut open a few other trader joes bags 
to serve as table covering

so i know what you most want to hear about . . .
the *uninvited* guest

just kidding i know you want to see some of the favorites

Kim brought egg timers
and she did NOT draw my name

Anne brought ketchup from Chik Fil A
in those cutsie little dispensers
wonderful BPA free water cups with lids & straws
like the one in the left of the picture
that's mine

Michelle & Maggie
both have a thing for Bath & Body Works Soap

Jennifer brought
Homemade Cajun Rub in cutsie jars
(can't wait to try it!)

Lisa the make-up lovely
brought everyone the best mascara
Kelly Ripa agrees

i forgot to tell you that lisa ~ 
i remember when she would rave about that stuff

Liz brought magazines

Jennie brought Angel Bells
made by Angel Bell

Mandy brought Berts Bees Chap stick

Stephanie brought Venus Razors
and tips from her couponing expeditions

Jenn brought
Hollywood Fashion Tape

I had my fav EOS lip love

this would be fun to do seasonally
that was an idea floating around
i'll host again next summer

Be joyful always;
pray continuously;
give thanks in all circumstances,
for this is God's will for you
in Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5:16

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Megan said...

Looks like the Favorite Things party was a huge success!! Love the pics; you really outdid yourself. :) I'm so sad I couldn't make it. You will definitely have to do it again next year!!
P.S. Liked your blog comment :) Ha. I've hardly told anyone about it b/c I'm terrible at updating! Trying to be better... we'll see. It will never be as cute as yours!