Friday, July 8, 2011

five friday favs

i thought this time i would focus
on five things i can't live without during the summer
~ besides flip flops ~

so i bring to you my five friday SUMMER favs

* * * * * 

i know it's way more expensive
but spray sun block is worth it

* * * * * 

the boys have very sensitive skin
right under their eyes
we've had no more rashes or reactions sense using

* * * * * 

love to have my toes painted
i've used all my pedi gift cards
so it's back to my stash i go
my favs are 

i like some wet & wilds too 
but they're so cheap 
that the name isn't even written on them!

* * * * * 

can't find an image
of our favorite after sun moisturizer
it's the target brand
after sun aloe lotion
i bet they don't make it anymore
our  big ole pump bottle of it is from last year

* * * * * 
and if i don't use this
my lips are in trouble for a week or more
it's already happened once this summer
hopefully not again!

* * * * * 


more favs this week include
fireworks w/ friends
after dinner swims
a clean creation station
which means more space & time to create
time for reading

ok . . . off to get our cow costumes ready
how far will you go for free chik fil a
i only have to figure a way to get jacob dressed like a cow
bribery isn't working!

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