Wednesday, July 13, 2011

make them wanna kiss their mama

last night we had a sweet tooth like no other . . .
nothing was just working for any of us
so i went scrounging through the fridge to come up with something different

i found some cresent rolls
peanut butter
cream cheese
chocolate chips

little b said mama what in the world are you doing
i gave him a hint that it involved chocolate chips

i spread cream cheese on a few cresent triangles
i spread pb on the others
i sprinkled chocolate chips on all of them
rolled them all up
and baked

the house smelled good

when i popped open the oven
i exclaimed
oh my . . . these treats are gonna make you wanna kiss your mama

they were delicious
they had one of each

best of all i got lots of kisses & noseys

everything is better with cream cheese right steph & liz?!


Jill said...

holy cow. you are a genius. please remind me to do this sometime!!

Stephanie said...

Yes I bet it was better get to the store momma! You told us you only had a few blocks left other day :)-Steph

The Saunderses said...

Yum! I'd kiss you too! PS, I made your Crockpot Salsa Chicken for the crowd at the beach. Thanks for passing the recipe on.