Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Summer Activities

The night of the last day of school
Jenn & I took our kiddos to see
Toy Story 3
at the Drive In

It was a fantastic experience. 
I can not wait to go back!

We don't like for our boys to eat either of the ingredients that we painted with this week.  CORN SYRUP or Food Coloring are both ingredients that we prefer to avoid.  It was a fun technique for painting though!  Jacob wanted to paint "the world" ; his "shadow" wanted to as well.  I love the shiny look to them.  Memaw may need to be getting some more frames.

A few of my girlfriends & I grouped all our children for some tie-dying fun. 
It turns out we did all the work.
We also got tickled a few times throughout the afternoon.
Jenn managed to capture a few of these giggles on my camera.

I can't wait to see how our red, white, & blue shirts turned out.
Then some crazy boys tried to teach us a trick
using a bendy straw & your armpit.

Of course we all had to try . . .
well not everyone, someone had to take pictures!

Everyone had a blast with SNAPS.
Even James when he offered to vaccuum them all up because
"Mrs. Regina, do you know what a good vaccuumer I am?"
(I only wish you could hear this darlin talk)

We also enjoyed some festive snacks
of watermelon, lemonade, & cupcakes.

Tonight I had to find something really special for Ben & I to do.
Jacob had gotten himself into a bit of trouble and was in his room.
Immediately Ben said, "okay mommy,
what are we going to do special
because remember how you did something special
with Jacob last time I got in trouble"
First we jumped on the trampoline
then we made blueberry pie.
(thanks Maggie)
Ben even wanted to wash the dishes when we were done!
He had to take his shirt off to do them!

I simply LOVE the laid back days of summer.

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Jill said...

yay! Glad y'all have had some relaxing times!

(and btw... jenn's kids are the BLONDEST little cuties!)