Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Un-Birthday

Jacob's teacher's birthday is in August
so a few of us decided a mini celebration was necessary
for this week.
The theme in their class is "BEES".

So we had an Un-"BEE"-day party for her.
Inside this little bag is a t-shirt with all her 2nd grade Bees on it.
I intended to get each child's thumb print on the shirt
but since that didn't happen, I pulled out the mini potatoes from the fridge
and stamped away!

As you can see, I assured her that she never had to wear it.
We just wanted her to have another way to remember this year.
Next year she is returning to teach Kindergarten.
Ben wants to repeat Kindergarten simply b/c of this!
We're still explaining it doesn't work that way.

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