Monday, June 7, 2010

Project 365 . . .

 . . . is struggling!  but here's what i have!

5/22 can we say "POOPED"!?
5/23 pool time with friends

5/24 while b was at a bday party
j & i went for some 1 on 1 time at the pottery plac.
i loved watching him hard at work!

5/25 run ben run!
he figured out that if he batted last then the coach would tell him to run the bases.
so he always went to the back of the line so he could RUN!

just a little quiet time

5/29 pool time FINALLY!

game night
the boys set this up while i fixed dinner
so instead of dinner & a movie it was dinner & a game

our first tomato
can you see it?!

apparently Roxie has a love for Trader Joes mac & cheese as well

6/2 sweet friends . . . sometimes ;)
i'm pretty sure we've taught them not to play with their food

i think i planted way too much!
the zuchinni makes our garden look like a jungle!

thanks to bj & jeff our rain barrel is ready for rain

6/6 here comes a z popping through
trading these *silly* bands

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Sarah said...

hey pal - if you only knew how many "filler" pictures are in my album!! i take photos of random corners around the house and yard to have on hand for those days i forget to get people pictures! :) it's also a good thing we're about to expand our family members, because pics of LM totally dominate my whole book.