Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Make it with Mom Monday

Here's our menu from last night.

Jacob wrote out our menu while I was in the shower. Actually he wrote a few choices for us to vote on. Can you guess which we made?!

Cheeseburgers, salad, fruit, & sweet potatoe fries
(have you had these yummy lime chicken burgers from Trader Joes?)
Cracker Chicken, green beans, fruit
(it's really called poppyseed chicken - it has crushed crackers on the top
i love his name for it!)
Pasta Alfredo, salad, good bread, fruit
(sounds a little too similar to last week)

Papaw really wanted pasta so that's what we went with. I did however get the goods to make the other well thought out meals for this week. I didn't get much help in the preparation from the boys but they were playing really nicely. So that in fact was helpful!

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