Friday, July 24, 2009

i'm happy because . . .

~ my main man returns tomorrow!

~ we saw our roxie this week

~ JM's wonderful sister has graciously taken care of roxie during this transition

~ i've had time to create
i have adorable undercover crates & buttons to prove it

~ i've had wonderful time catching up w/ a few of my favorite girlfriends

~ the boys & i discovered a new to us treat ~
Sweet Frog a yummy place for self serve frozen yogurt in a variety of flavors to choose from and then you proceed to the toppings bar.

~ pool time i LOVE the pool

~ new opportunities for the boys to make new friends at our new church

~ ben has another super sweet SS teacher. she has been warm, welcoming, loving & nurturing through his anxious 1st couple of weeks. she sensed his apprehentions before we "officially" came when she met him early on. she sent him mail w/ pics of all of the children in their class and has made a point to encourage him in a way that he is not the center of attention. (very important w/ this little guy)

~ my parents came to see us this week

~ we are heading to roanoke later this week which means getting to visit w/ some good friends while we are there

~ it also means a meal at 3 Little Pigs

~ and a view of God's beautiful mountains

~ the amazing way God allows things to happen

~ playdates for the boys w/ their buddies

~ i LOVE summer time

~ i've been introduced to bun bun bags & looking forward to helping jenn

~ we have such wonderful family & friends who allow us to stay in their homes as we continue to "house hop" through the summer.

~ there's still plenty of summer left to enjoy

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