Saturday, July 11, 2009

11 years & Counting

While I realize that you may have read my man's blog
and may even think that I copied him in doing this post
but you are incorrect!
I just didn't stay up last night until midnight so that I could post first!
The Eleven Things I Love About You!

1. As silly as it sounds I love your teeth! I remember them the first time we met and I still love them today. They are perfect! Of course they make your smile even more amazing.

2. I appreciate that you enjoy shopping! I’m especially thankful when it’s helping me find stuff. It’s pretty cool that you like to shop more than most men. You have a great eye for style for our home, clothes, etc.

3. I’m so thankful for the wonderful way you lead our family. You are such an example for our boys of what a man after God’s heart entails.

4. You value quality time with me just 1 on 1, boy time with well, the boys, & family time. You realize the importance of all three and cherish it.

5. You treat our parents all wonderfully. You show your respect & admiration for them in so many ways.

6. You are an encourager. This is such a gift than I get to benefit from. I’m touched by the confidence you have in me even in the things I don’t feel capable of. I also enjoy watching you encourage others whether it’s the boys, youth, friends, or ministry partners. When doing this you are also instilling such a confidence in those people.

7. You are so good at helping the boys learn from their mistakes. I love to listening to you talk to them even in discipline. You help them become aware of their choices and even have a way of making them realize things on their own.

8. When you have that deep belly, giddy, silly laugh that you just can stop and your eyes start watering. I don’t even have to know what was so funny ~ laughing with you is incredibly fun!

9. I love being wrapped in your arms watching a movie (or falling asleep during a movie). So warm & cozy!

10. Your yummy breakfasts are always delicious. Your offers to fix dinner are always welcomed. You graciously clean the kitchen after I’ve fixed dinner and dirtied every dish in the process.

11. You are truly my best friend. I’m thankful for our story, growth, laughs, crys, challenges, transitions, chats, & prayers.
The picture is a little old

and we have had more pictures taken together since

but I wasn't wearing this sweet shirt.

Last year we were going to have a big ole wedding party reunion.

hmmm . . . we bought a house instead.

So we thought we'd have a big ole party

this anniversary our 11th on 7/11

hmmm . . . a contract on our house will do.

we will have a party but will have to wait another year

we will get a contract but may not be today

party or no party

contract or no contract

i love my husband
happy anniversary squeaky

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