Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Terri's Tip Today

My girl Jill had some questions regarding Terri's post from last week. I was quick to get Terri's response and here is what she has to say. I hope this helps clarify.

Great point Jill! Thanks for bringing this up so I can clarify for you. The green tea ITSELF is a wonderful health food. Absolutely great for anti-inflammatory purposes, including arthritis, and many others. What I am refering to is the CONTAMINATION of green tea. And you are right, nobody else is talking about it! This is cutting edge stuff. If you look it up the original scientific studies in www.pubmed.gov you will find clarification, however, I had to pay a scientist(with donated money from a foundation) to conduct my own test of common brands to find a brand of green tea with a lower concentration of fluoride so that I could still have an occasional cup of green tea for its amazing health benefits! These are the results I have shared with you on Regina's blog.

as always if you do have questions that you think Terri may be able to answer, leave a comment! She loves to respond.


elisa said...

I like these tips- thanks for the info!

Jill said...

yep. I understand that the FLOURIDE is the harmful stuff. So why not just post about the dangers of flouride... and then briefly mention that it is used in some substances- that we may not be aware of.

Why specifically target 'green tea'?
so...are you concluding that folks who are currently drinking green tea specifically for relief from arthritis will in-time suffer MORE from the disease?

I don't even drink tea... ;)