Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Time Fun Time

With us moving again this summer after just having a move the past summer, I'm on a quest for some fun things to do with the boys. I don't want this summer to be another one that is all about the move. In the past I've run across some really cute ideas ~ "DEAR" which means "drop everything and read". Everyone including parents find a spot to get cozy & comfortable and read for a bit. A friend of mine places ideas in a jar and one day each week has a child pull one out and that's what they do that day.

I'm attempting to come up with some on my own. Of course we will hit up the libraries, Maymont, parks, pools, etc. in addition to our traditional stay home jammer days. The past few summers we have counted on an outdoor movie night once a week during the whole month of July but it's not returning this year. BIG ole bummer for the skamfam! We've also made up our own camp days or weeks. Our favorite was Pirate Camp and the boys still talk about it. Jacob wants Space Camp this year. So I'll definitely be coming up with some fun things for that.

I have one good idea (well I think it is anyway!). We're going to call it "Make it with Mom Monday". The boys will help me plan the menu for Monday night's dinner, shop for it, and make it with me as well. Jacob enjoys looking for fun things to try & have me make. Ben enjoys the process of making it. We'll combine both for some fun times in the kitchen even if it's not in our kitchen. Right Memaw & Granny?!

Who knows maybe I can even interest the boys in some crafts?! I think they would love to have a book club. I'm still pondering some simple ways to have fun that do not include the television!

Jacob has also started his own blog and is so excited about that. I'm sure that will aid in keeping his mind stimulated as well.

So if you have some easy, family time, entertaining ideas please share! I'm excited about the summer ahead ~ Jacob only has 4 1/2 days left of school after today! YIPEE!


Jill said...

girl, you are rockin!!! You are so ready for summer fun.
I'm just looking forward to sleeping until 9. :-)
whatever happens after that will be a surprise. haha.
I do have two beach trips and swim lessons to look forward to.
Can't wait till my kids are done on the 11th...

Bob & Denise said...

I think I'd tweak the name - "Make it with Mom" sounds a little....- Denise :)

StansberryPhotography said...

Um... Regina, i really think you need to offer a "how to be a mommy like me" camp so we can all learn from the best... I mean of course we learn from your blog... but how about a week long workshop at your house!?!?!

mama b said...

i don't tweet so i can't respond directly to yours...but who are you calling "old"? just kiddin. :)

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