Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Terri's Tip for Today!

Here's what Terri has for us today.

Green tea bioaccumulates fluoride at up to 300 times the level of thewater and/or soil. Despite its numerous health benefits, green tea drinkers may develop arthritis, an early sign of fluoride toxicity. I have seen several cases where patients have eliminated stiffness and weakness in their hands by simply cutting out their daily intake of green tea. Check out the table below to discover which brands of green tea tested highest in fluoride concentrations.

Fluoride Concentration in Green Tea
Name of Tea with Fluoride per Liter mg/LBlank water (reverse osmosis, carbon filter and uv) --Tetley Black Tea 3.45
Lipton Black Tea 2.54
Carrington Tea 2.23
Royal Matcha 1.96
Lipton Organic Black Tea 1.82
Celestrial Green Tea 1.53
Yogi Chai Black 1.43
Lipton Organic Green Tea 1.19
Tazo China Green Tips 1.18
Tazo Earl Grey 1.14
Ito En Breakfast Tea 0.94
Yogi Chai Green 0.77
Ito En Sencha Green Tea 0.69
Traditional Medicines Weightless Cranberry 0.05
Traditional Medicines Organic Echinacea Plus 0.03

Thanks Terri!


Jill said...

Alrighty.... I'm always playing Satan's advocate... BUT...
I was just telling a friend about what Terri had to say about green tea. (thinking I was being knowledgable and helpful) Then I mentioned that we would have to google it and learn more.

To my surprise, I couldn't find any websites that listed the hazards of green tea.
THEN... I googled "green tea and arthritis" and there were over 1 million websites. I didn't have time to look through a million BUT... ALL of the ones that I looked at stated this about green tea:
"health benefits",
"prevention of arthritis",
"reduce inflammation and joint damage",
"anti-inflammatory properties",
"reduced the severity of arthritis",
"aid in reducing pain and inflammation",
"may benefit the arthritis patient",
and on and on and on. etc. etc. etc.

So... what does Terri have to say about this info??
Are we to believe that a million sources are trying to fleece us??

holler4health said...

Great point Jill! Thanks for bringing this up so I can clarify for you. The green tea ITSELF is a wonderful health food. Absolutely great for anti-inflammatory purposes, including arthritis, and many others.

What I am refering to is the CONTAMINATION of green tea. And you are right, nobody else is talking about it! This is cutting edge stuff.

If you look it up the original scientific studies in www.pubmed.gov you will find clarification, however, I had to pay a scientist(with donated money from a foundation) to conduct my own test of common brands to find a brand of green tea with a lower concentration of fluoride so that I could still have an occasional cup of green tea for its amazing health benefits! These are the results I have shared with you on Regina's blog.