Monday, May 25, 2009

Our "TO DO" this Weekend

We started our weekend with a list of things we would like to do.
~strawberry picking
~festival in the park
~cook out
~have a picnic
~craft show
~sell our house
~give the dog a bath
~mow the grass

The dog got a bath Friday and the front yard was mowed. (the back yard is the beast though and will hopefully get done today)

We made it to Festival in the Park Saturday and had a wonderful time with all there was to do there.

We had a picnic yesterday with Granny & Poppy before we went to the festival at the Strawberry Farm. We didn't realize until last minute that it was the weekend of their fesitval so there was lots more to do than just pick strawberries.
While we all did this Poppy got a start on picking.

and thankfully because this is what Jacob did.

(you may not be able to see him

but he's at the other end of this row ~ sitting & waiting)

He was too hot & cranky to participate.

Ben on the other hand had a great time!

He did lots of picking and filling that bucket.

So to finish our list TODAY we just want to have a cookout, finish mowing the grass, and SELL OUR HOUSE!!


Poppy said...

Thanks Ben

Liz said...

Today's the day, Regina! Somebody wants to be able to say they bought their house on Memorial Day!