Saturday, December 20, 2008

On My Mind

this has been a crazy week filled with many ups & downs!
and i'm glad for the weekend!

monday we started christmas shopping ~ we are only lacking jammer bottoms for the boys

tuesday was a wonderful day for the boys and i'm extremely thankful! ~ it was the day jacob came home & said "today, ben & i are going to play without any fighting or arguing." i was skeptical but pleasantly surprised!

wednesday jacob lost his second tooth, ben had his christmas program at preschool

thursday jacob had a field trip to the new art museum

friday we went to downtown roanoke with friends

friday we also heard the sad news about papaw & memaw's nestley. ~ their sweet 15 year old
chocolate lab died yesterday morning. we will be telling the boys today and would love your prayers for the grandchildren as well as for memaw & papaw. we decided last night was not the time to tell them as they were already drained & tired from the week and from the evening.

look at the pure joy in little 2 year old jacob's face!

i'm also thankful that in the last year ben too has warmed up to her & loves nestley.
earlier this week i heard jacob tell our roxie that she is his 2nd favorite dog.
nestley ranks high with jacob!
ben's teacher's 17 year old son is in the hospital for dehydration & elevated enzymes
little connor man is also in the hospital for breathing issues
so there's a glimpse of the variety of things i have on my mind! i am thrilled for the weekend and in jacob's words "all the family movie nights we can have because we're on break"!
popcorn, pizza, jammers, movies, cuddles, family
here we come!


Jenn said...

Thank you for thinking of Connor and praying for him. The prayers worked! We are home and he is doing great! We miss you!

Sorry to hear the news about the dog...that must be hard. Enjoy some time off!

Mary said...

Wow, Regina you have really been busy with your blog it looks wonderful. Love you guys. Talk to you soon. Mary