Monday, December 22, 2008

early Christmas present

JM & I received our Christmas Present to each other a little early. After all we need to get used to it some before Thursday! So here are the first pictures taken with our new camera. Everyone advised us we couldn't go wrong with a Rebel. Be forgiving ... I am not a photographer! I was just "getting to know" our gift! so i used it to capture some ... just a few of my favorite things. (mainly ornaments)

Roxie, Rox, Roxinator

Have you tasted these? WOW! Wish I could make a quick trip to get some more! These were a gift and what a YUMMY gift!

jacob spent hours yesterday working with his new legos. i LOVE legos! i LOVE jacob!

my all time favorite ornament! seriously i LOVE this one and am so thrilled pat was willing to part with it!! do you now see how ben ben got so cute?! the boys love this ornament as well!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Mary Catherine said...

Oh, when you are ready, I've got some real TREASURES of JMark photos in the past!