Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the newest skamfam addition

when we got home, Dadu had all of this waiting for us!
Ben decided to try it out for size.
at 3:30 we went to pick up our little girl
the boys quickly gave her a bath...she stunk!
we even had to roll the windows down in the 50 degree weather for the ride home
she cried herself to sleep
but is sleeping for now
oh and we're keeping the name "roxie"


Jill said...

save that receipt!
It'll be terribly cold walking that dog several times a day in the winter!! and picking up the poop along the way.... and buying good food for her.
Did I mention it's cold outside?
You were concerned about walking your kid to school on cold days... whose gonna take care of the dog?
serious things to consider...

Skamamama said...

oh jillie don't be such a downer on our should see how j is w/ her. it's all worth it b/c of that! as well as the rescue man at the center. pure joy for both of them! i think she will be jacob's girl! she slept through the night too...that's a good start don't you think! besides...i know you can't wait to meet her!

Jenn said...

YEAH! I am excited for you. I know you all must be enjoying her company. You're a new mom again!

Jason said...

She's gonna be a big one. You won't have to walk her...That's what the backyard does for you!