Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas is...

Have you seen this book?! I love it and so do our boys. It takes many of the Christmas Symbols and explains how it ties in with the birth of Jesus. (tree, bell, star, wreath, candle, present, etc. I even read to my 3 year old preschoolers this week. It's a little long for them but it was easy to "shorten".
There are also a few children in my class that do not seem to have any type of Christian Influence at home. There is never any mention of church and all of our weekly Bible Stories seem very new to them. a Christmas Gift for the children to take home to their parents we are making our own abbreviated version of this cute book. Each day we are using one of the symbols mentioned and creating our art with that. For example, we covered a bell pattern with tissue paper, used painted peppers & carrots to create a wreath, sponge painted a present pattern, and used the children's finger prints to decorate a Christmas Tree pattern. Each page has simple scripture to tell how the symbols relate. We will bind them all together with ribbon and wrap for the children to give to their parents.
The children are so excited to make their own book and some of them may even be able to "read" it. (it's that simply done) Jesus will be honored through it too!

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