Monday, April 18, 2011

spring break day 1

all the tools, seeds, containers, etc. to get our seeds started

 dirt straight from our compost pile

some of the completed starters

teacher appreciation gifts started

flowers planted

my latest way of getting laundry put away efficiently
instead of having piles of folded laundry waiting

i did NOT take pictures of our overhaul cleaning of the boys' rooms
as they should always look good

have you heard of the 40 bags in 40 days?
getting rid of 40 bags of unused stuff during lent?
i think this weekend alone i purged at least 20
b/w trash, outgrown clothes, toys, books, movies
hope thrift here we come!

and how come i'm just now reading about 
i'll have to bookmark it for next year

i promised the boys a more fun day tomorrow.
although we only did the "chore" stuff early on
we got the cleaning stuff out of the way 
in hopes to play the rest of the week!


Jill said...

haha! It's only downhill from there once we arrive!! ;)
can't wait to see you!

mama b said...

love your new comforter! we have the yellow + gray one from that target line. :) so pretty!