Friday, April 22, 2011

five friday favs


so glad sarah posted it

* * * * * 

goochland drive in

bring your easter baskets
and get them filled with popcorn for a $1

the best part was having my favorite 9 year old
crawl up beside me b/c he was cold
then we both got warm

* * * * * 

alone time

* * * * * 

a week filled with my boys
and my friends

* * * * * 

i was confident they would be gross
(i don't like . . . make that, hate peeps)
however these were a fun treat


Jill said...

hahahaa.... 'alone time'!!! So glad that you finally got some!
hope you have a great weekend!! :-)

Skamamama said...

haha ~ that wasn't in reference to you! the boys forgot about me for a couple hours yesterday. they played & watched a movie while i was in my room catching up on emails & reading. peaceful let me tell ya!