Tuesday, April 12, 2011

JOY today

some girlfriends of mine & i have been reading One Thousand Gifts together.  while chatting as we can about what we think.  there are only a couple of us that are getting into it, the others are pushing their way through.  i LOVE that it has convicted me to slow down & breathe with the boys.  it's reminded me to focus on my word for this year.  (psalm 51:12 & 94:19) it's helped me to rethink the way i pray . . . praying with a thankful heart is the only way to pray.  enter his courts with thanksgiving!    may i look at God's world through "thankful eyes".

i won't be doing a 1000 gifts list per say but i will be more mindful of my thankfulness.  i will continue to write them down as i feel lead in my own journal.  while i can't imagine getting thrilled over grated cheese or soapy suds, i will make mention to the lord of his good.  i will thank him for opening my eyes to even more glimpses of him and his unspeakable joy.

bringing me JOY today ~

:: sharing the story of Jesus ~ He's ALIVE! to 11 bright eyed preschoolers.  many of them looked up at me with such wonder.  then we did the resurrection biscuits . . . baked a marshmallow inside a biscuit.  the biscuit is empty just like the tomb.  "ms. skammer the marshmallow is gone . . .  just like Jesus!" one little darlin exclaimed!

:: jacob calling me back to his room last night to pray with him.

:: godly girlfriends ~ their friendship, wisdom & support.  one dropped afternoon plans just to *listen*

:: ben's already sporting a farmer's tan ~ i couldn't help but smile when he came down the other night; he was definitely trying to dilly dally his way from bed time but it was a reminder that summer is on it's way!

:: the words from a friend/coworker attached to a cd

:: the relief from allergy issues

:: and how can one not smile when looking at this little dude.  some of those bangles & beads are soooooo old.  glad i hadn't gotten rid of them!

:: in being content ~ philippians 4:11-13 ~ an ongoing prayer

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