Sunday, April 3, 2011

five friday favs on a beautiful sunday morning

pottery painting with my favorite 9 year old

* * * * * 

the red velvet cupcake from my boys
to make me feel better
when the day wasn't so good

* * * * * 

both of our boys running the fun run
so proud!

* * * * * 

all the vcu hype
it's fun to join the local team support
our boys have really enjoyed it this season

* * * * * 

my kuerig coffee makers
i got 2 for my birthday
both sets of parents had the same great idea
so far my favorite flavor is 
butter toffee


Jill said...

This post should be titled the "sunday superlatives"

have a great day!

Skamamama said...

so then i would have to do six sunday superlatives! haha

sixth super suday ~ friends that read my blog seconds after its posted ;)