Monday, April 19, 2010

Today I Love

~ Werther's Original Chewy Caramels . . . totally addicted

~ looking out our kitchen window and seeing spring green everywhere

~ morning coffee chats

~ years of the boys' stepping stones all finally displayed in the yard

~ brightly colored gerbera daisys in the yard

~ brainstorming teacher appreciation ideas w/ my friend

~ creating in my organized craft space

~ the mess that filled our kitchen counter yesterday. just thinking about the mix & mess of stuff makes me smile. b & i were working on starting seeds & while jm & j were "playing" w/ a chemistry set. then we moved onto making this year's stepping stones. what a sight this counter was!

~ my girlfriends here & those an hour or two away

~ being a mama to boys

~ hand-me-down clothes

~ God's amazing word that "will never pass away".

~ Christy Nockels Healing is in Your Hands & Steve Fee's Send Me Out

~ longer days for the boys to play outside


Jill said...

dude! let me know what to do for teacher appreciation!! I need some easy ideas :-)

mama b said...

i love love love love love "healing is in your hands." been singing it in the car for weeks! :)

miss you friend!

The Browns said...

Today I love entrepneurial and crafty friends willing to share their gifts! Can't wait to treat my teachers. Thank you!!

The Browns said...

PS - have you heard this song?? LOVE IT!