Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Project 365

4/6 ~ early morning games for the boys while they wait for the adults to wake up & get beach ready. i love those sleep faces. 4/7 ~ the FREEZING cold water didn't stop jacob from getting SOAKED! he couldn't get enough!

4/9 Good Night Cousins!

4/10 ~ Shark Attack

4/11 ~ this sleepy little bundle fell asleep . . . standing up. is it horrible that i ran for the camera before i "fixed" him comfortably in his bed?!

4/12 ~ our "S" wall grew while we were gone. JM found a few more of them in my craft room & hung them up for me.

4/13 ~ an amazing gift . . . thanks to a very special helper, i can now see the floor of my creation space. now i have room to create!
4/14 ~ we've finally planted our seeds for our garden. this is a bad picture but neither boy was being to cooperative for me. i decided having the seeds planted was more important than having good pictures.

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