Saturday, April 3, 2010

Project 365

3/29 ~ our 1st tulip to "pop" through3/30 ~ I've gotten a start on our list of packing. So far we don't need much but this list will grow.3/31 ~ I had so much fun making these for my preschool friends and the boys' teachers. 4/1 ~ o the things I find in the washing machine.4/2 ~ here's just one of our piles to pack. 4/3 ~ when we planted these in October, Ben & I didn't know what colors would come up in Spring b/c it was a bag of random colored tulip bulbs. We've been pleasantly surprised with the fun colors of spring. We've also enjoyed coming home to them open up when they come home from school. Each day another one has "opened" during the day.

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